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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

My daughter and I are both reading “Girl Wash Your Face.”  If you are reading it with us, you know that in the book Rachel Hollis shares an embarrassing moment.  Her story is pretty funny!  So funny that my daughter was inspired to ask me if I had an “most embarrassing moment.”  Immediately what came to mind was an experience I had in High School.

It was the Spring my Senior Year.  I was in English Class, with many of my closest friends.  We had been given some free time to work on an assignment, but most of us were talking instead.  That’s when it happened.  

Tom, my boyfriend’s best friend, turned to me and pointing at my jean pant leg asked, “What is that?”  

“What is what?” I replied.  

“What is that hanging out your pants?”  Tom replied.

I looked down, and could see a slight bulge in my lower pant leg near my shoe.  My mind racing, I began recalling the events of that morning….I got up late…I grabbed a pair of jeans out of the dirty laundry hamper…”Oh no!” I thought.   A pit formed in my stomach as I contemplated the very real possibility that what Tom had noticed was a pair of dirty underwear.  

I was mortified.  What was I going to do?  Everyone sitting around me was now looking at my pant leg.  Tom wouldn’t let it go.  I thought about doing nothing, but was afraid that when I stood up, my dirty pair of underwear might fall out onto the floor.  This realization shook me to my core and a new fear took hold.  These weren’t cute underwear…these were like grandma underwear!  In fact, I am pretty sure my grandma is the one that bought them for me!  No pretty lace, no cute print.  This grandma underwear was the waist high, beige, big butt, kind.  

The thought of all these cute boys seeing my undergarment was more than I could bear.  I reached down, grabbed the underwear out of my pant leg and stuck it in my......BOYFRIEND’S LETTERMAN JACKET!  Yes, I had HIS jacket on.   Could it get any worse!  The whole class erupted in laughter, the bell rang, and I walked out of class humiliated.  

My most embarrassing moment struck a funny chord with my daughter.  She insisted I share it.  I have to admit, it still makes me laugh all these years later.  However, if you are expecting me to follow this up with a profound insight, I really don’t have one.  In the spirit of Rachel Hollis, what I will say is: GIRL WASH YOUR –UNDERWEAR!

(Note:  it seems my boyfriend wasn’t too turned off by my public humiliation; he ended up marrying me 4 years later!)

Question:  Is it weird that my grandma used to buy my underwear?  She also bought me socks and pajamas.  I must have been in my 30’s before I started buying my own!!

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